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General Info


  • Bike Transport will arrive at Europa Hotel c3pm Thursday.
  • We have limited storage space at the Europa so, if you are in Belfast please come and collect your bike.
  • Bob Smith will be on hand for last minute fettling but he will not be servicing or rebuilding!
  • Bobs labour is covered by 2Boats Events..but parts are not. He will charge you directly.


The 2Boats Support Team are:

George Willis 07795 667474

Mark Foxwell 07795 667475

Bob Smith 07946 511331

Luggage Logistics is Matt Price, additional drivers Natalie Quinlan and Lawrence Fearon.

2Boats vehicles will have emergency water, gels, pumps and limited spares. They are not taxis but if necessary can provide emergency transport! In case of accident then please let one of the crew know & call local emergency services if needed.

Stick to Highway code at all times and be vigilant downhill. Don’t be an arse.