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“participant” means each person taking part in an event

Participation Requirements

All participants are expected to satisfy themselves prior to booking that they are adequately fit and have suitable competence to take part in a sailing activity. By its nature open water sailing has inherent risks and all participants must accept those risks by agreeing to taking part.

Anyone suffering from mobility impairment, illness or disability or undergoing treatment for any physical or medical condition must declare the true nature of such condition at the time of booking and make arrangements for the provision of any medication or other treatment which may be required during your arrangements. Failure to make such disclosure will constitute a breach of these booking conditions and result in such persons being excluded from your arrangements.

Equipment and Yacht Insurance Cover

Our insurance policy provides comprehensive and adequate cover for the equipment and yachts & for the 2Boats Events skipper. The Company cannot be held responsible for any loss which you may suffer as a result of the insurers refusing cover, including without limitation, which is as a result of you providing incorrect information, such as previous sailing experience, when requested, or due to your negligence, deliberate default or wilful misconduct. Should damage or loss to yachts and equipment be caused as a result of not obeying the Company’s instructions, you will be liable for the full amount of repair or replacement and any resulting costs.

The Company agrees to insure and keep insured the yacht against public liability and marine public liability to such an extent as the Company in its absolute sole discretion shall deem appropriate. Such insurance policy does not cover loss of life (except that caused through the negligence of the Company), or damage to or loss of property of any person on board against which you must insure prior to the charter. Advice about such insurance is available from the Company on request.

Your safety is of paramount importance. Please ensure that you follow all safety instructions whilst participating in any 2Boats Events Ltd organised event.

2Boats Events Ltd will take all reasonable steps to reduce the risk injury but there is a certain minimal risk in every activity and the participant should withdraw from the event if they have any doubts. 2Boats Events Ltd, its employees, agents and volunteers accept no liability whatsoever to participants in respect of any loss, damage or personal injury which may be sustained in the course of this event and associated events other than personal injury (including death) caused by our negligence. Liability cannot be accepted for any damage, injury or loss arising from the negligence of participants (whether through failure to observe the rules of the event or otherwise).

The participant is fully responsible for their actions during the event. 2Boats Events Ltd does not accept responsibility for the actions of the participant nor the consequences of such actions.

For any event the participant may wish to take out a suitable level of personal travel insurance to cover the activity and liability involved.


Photographs, videos or sound recordings may be taken of you during the event which may be used to publicise future events including on our web site.


2Boats Events Ltd reserves the right to cancel or shorten any event. 2Boats Events Ltd will endeavour to give as much notice as possible but accepts no liability for any costs incurred as a result of cancellation or event alterations.