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The Ride

If #Perfect10 happens to be your first Halow250 here we will try and give you a flavour of what this is all about….

3 Days of Cycling and Social

This is not just a 3 day cycling trip. It might well be 250 miles on the bike but it is punctuated by 2 ferry crossings, 1 farewell Breakfast, a Welcome Homeparty, 6 en route fuel stops; Portsmouth Drinks, and a French Chateau Supper.




Support crew – Mechanics and Pop-Up Kitchens

Plus we throw in 5 months of build up to the event including social/training rides & a few organised drinks where you can meet others.

The Halow250 is all about having a great time and being part of something quite special whilst raising money for a magnificent charity. The routes are carefully thought through; the fuel stops run by experienced and enthusiastic crew who really want to look after you & we have full mechanical support for you and your bike.

A Lasting Legacy

Since the first event in 2012 over 500 people have taken part including more than 450 cyclist and 75 crew. Many of the riders hadn’t been on a bike in years and would never had imagined taking on such a challenge but having done so they have realised what is possible and that enthusiasm has brought them back year after year.

Our fantastic crew have taken on the burden of looking after 100+ riders including feeding and supporting them over the 3 days and what started off as intuitive guesswork has turned in to a well-oiled professional event.

And of course there is the fundraising; the money this event has raised for halow has been transformational. In the early days it helped keep this organisation running but subsequently it has provided the additional funding to provide a greater level of service.

Our aim was always to run for 10 years and and then to make way for something new to come in and take our place.